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Things Aren't What They Seem

SWCB Extends Rule Allowing 10 Calendar Days for IME Reports:


The New York State Workers' Compensation Board has once again extended emergency rules that allow reports by independent medical examiners to be submitted within 10 business days rather than 10 calendar days, according to a notice posted in Wednesday's New York State Register.

According to the notice, Workers' Compensation Board panels have refused to enter independent medical examiners' reports into evidence if they were not received within 10 calendar days, as required by Section 300.2(d)(11) of Title 12 of the New York Code of Regulations. The emergency rules − which have been extended several times − will allow IME reports to be submitted within 10 business days instead.

The emergency rules took effect Sept. 4 and will expire on Dec. 2 unless extended again, according to the notice.

Source: New York State Register

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