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Workers' Compensation

The Court of Appeals, the highest court in the State of New York, has often decried the Workers’ Compensation Law is remedial in character and is to be construed broadly and liberally to accomplish its humanitarian objectives. The Law is intended to provide an injured employee with compensation and medical expenses regardless of fault. The Law promotes the general welfare of all the people of the state as each person gives up some rights to achieve this mutually beneficial system.

At Chase Sensale, we recognize this is only an ideal, and, practically speaking, without the benefit of experienced attorneys, well-versed in not only the Workers’ Compensation Law, developing case law, but also legislative trends, the injured worker may not realize the full potential of this ideal. At Chase Sensale, we are dedicated to ensuring the most expeditious delivery of benefits through the immediate filing of claims. We engage our complete understanding and ability to negotiate the seemingly-ineffective administrative decision process to keep your particular needs in focus. We strive to maintain only the highest level of mutual respect with opposing counsel, the extensive and yet very hard working staff of the entire Workers’ Compensation Board, and, of course, the members of our highly esteemed judiciary.

At Chase Sensale, you will learn the best method for ensuring your treatment is authorized quickly, your weekly indemnity benefits are maximized, and your health care providers being reimbursed for the medical services they provide. Creating a harmonious relationship with your health care providers can often ensure relative success in your pending claim for benefits. Understand this technique of taking the upper hand with the insurance carriers when submitting claims for medical and transportation-related expenses so all of your reasonable expenses will be reimbursed more quickly. Familiarize yourself with this seemingly-contradictory part of the Workers’ Compensation Law allowing you, the injured worker, to receive higher weekly benefits by working rather than not working. Knowing this simple concept will ensure your right to lifetime medical protection for your work related injuries, and more importantly, having your right properly recognized by the insurance carrier.

At Chase Sensale, our dedicated, well-trained, courteous team of professionals is always just a telephone call away. When can a volunteer firefighter injured in the line of duty earn more following the injury and still receive benefits? What is the single best strategy to use against the insurance carriers to prevent the often utilized, much dreaded defense of voluntary withdrawal from the labor market? Learn when a certified letter to your employer and a candid conversation with your health care provider can be your two greatest weapons against unwarranted attacks from overly-aggressive defense counsel. Who is in the best position to evaluate your injuries prior to the receipt of your final award for permanency, and why this is not always your treating health care provider or surgeon? What two easily identified trends do Workers’ Compensation Law Judges try to identify when deciding a claim for continuing benefits?

At Chase Sensale, we do not profess to have all the answers, however, with more than fifty years of combined legal experience between the partners, we strive every single day to keep you informed, with access to your electronic file 24/7. At Chase Sensale, our goal is to make the workers’ compensation experience as pleasant as possible for you, the injured worker. Contact our office now for a no cost initial consultation. After all, the time is now, and by calling Chase Sensale, you make the crucial decision to not go it alone.


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