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Unemployment Insurance

While few things can be more disappointing than being laid off or terminated from steady employment, being denied unemployment insurance benefits can be financially devastating. Unemployment insurance benefits offer temporary income for eligible workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing, and able to work. The Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, a division of the Department of Labor, is charged with the responsibility of hearing your appeals for benefits.

At Chase Sensale, we recognize this can be an extremely difficult time for the recently unemployed, and, without the benefit of experienced attorneys, well versed in not only the Unemployment Insurance Law, developing case law, but also legislative trends, the recently unemployed may not realize the full potential of their claim for benefits. At Chase Sensale, we are dedicated to ensuring the most expeditious delivery of benefits through the immediate filing of claims and effective assistance of counsel through the hearing/appeal process. Chase Sensale can assist you in recognizing the role of your former employer in the initial determination of your claim and how hearing counsel can assist you in defeating erroneous statements made by your former employer. Distinguish serious allegations of willful misrepresentation made by the Department of Labor from simple misunderstandings during the application process. Let Chase Sensale assist you in determining whether Department of Labor’s claims of overpayment are valid and take the steps necessary to avoid both repayment of benefits and additional charges for interest. Let our staff explain how to recognize these key reasons for not filing a claim for unemployment benefits when considering a claim for workers’ compensation and/or social security disability benefits.

Under Department of Labor regulations, you may not be charged a fee, unless and until you are successful in your claim for benefits, including any appeal filed by your former employer and the amount of the fee must be approved by the Appeal Board. If you are not successful in your claim for benefits, you are not even responsible for expenses in connection with your claim for benefits

At Chase Sensale, we do not profess to have all the answers, however, with more than twenty-eight years of combined legal experience between the partners, we strive every single day to keep you informed, with access to your electronic file 24/7. At Chase Sensale, our goal is to make the unemployment insurance experience as pleasant as possible for you, the recently unemployed. Contact our office now for a no cost initial consultation. After all, the time is now, and by calling Chase Sensale, you make the crucial decision to not go it alone.

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