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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal insurance programs of the United States government managed by the Social Security Administration. These programs are designed to provide income to the injured and disabled unable to work because of their disability. Special disability programs also exist to assist disabled adult children, widow(er)s and surviving divorced spouses, and both the blind and children associated with pending Supplemental Security Income claims.

At Chase Sensale, we understand the confusion and difficulties associated with the filing of your application. Which benefit program is best suited for your needs? Without the security of experienced attorneys, well-versed in the Social Security Law, developing case law, and legislative trends, the applicant may not realize the full potential of these programs. While many attorneys refuse to assist you during the application process, or even suggest waiting until the expiration of the Administration’s waiting period to file your claim, let Chase Sensale explain why we believe filing immediately may not only greatly expedite your claim for benefits, in most cases, we offer assistance throughout the process. Although the Administration provides a variety of methods of filing your application for benefits, learn why we believe this method is the most efficient.

At Chase Sensale, we remain dedicated to the prompt delivery of benefits through not only the immediate filing of these claims, but also reviewing each and every document prior to submission to the Administration. Recognize the mistakes most often made during the application and appeal process and how to avoid these potentially devastating mistakes. Not only our does our staff stand ready to answer all your questions and address all your concerns throughout this application and appeal process, moreover, we will also be there for you when the Administration decides to subject you to the dreaded continuing disability process. Let Chase Sensale help you understand these three important safeguards the Administration adopted to assist recipients during this process. Grasp why a trial return to work doesn’t necessarily mean the immediate termination of your benefits.

Determine why the vocational expert may be your single greatest asset during the appeal process, who to hire, and why. Learn why the careful crafting of your legal brief well prior to your hearing is not only essential to your successful claim for benefits, but may avoid the necessity for a hearing before a Law Judge altogether. At Chase Sensale, we not only firmly agree with this premise, moreover, for almost twenty years, our experienced attorneys have concentrated our efforts in refining our legal writing skills, always offering the client only the best we have to offer. While some attorneys demand up front expenses or even charge you for an initial consultation, at Chase Sensale, there are absolutely no fees unless we are successful with your claim for benefits.

At ChaseSensale, we do not profess to have all the answers, however, with more than fifty years of combined legal experience between the partners, we strive every single day to keep you informed, with access to your electronic file 24/7. At Chase Sensale, our goal is to make the social security disability and/or supplemental security income experience as pleasant as possible for you, the disabled individual. Contact our office now for a no cost initial consultation. After all, the time is now, and by calling Chase Sensale, you make the crucial decision to not go it alone.

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