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No Jail Time for LI Rail Manager

Convicted Long Island Rail Manager Avoids Jail Time :



A former Long Island Rail Road manager who made a fraudulent disability claim to the Federal Railroad Retirement Board got a slap on the wrist Tuesday, receiving a $5,000 fine and no prison time, making him the fourth LIRR scammer to get probation only.


Donald Alevas, 55, of Patchogue, a former shop equipment planning director, was given lenient treatment by U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, who cited an LIRR letter praising Alevas for giving up 15% of his pension.


Wood explained that there should be consequence for lying on a disability application, but that it was a close call to determine if it warranted jail time.


Alevas is among 33 doctors, consultants and LIRR retirees convicted in Manhattan federal court of a scam to collect phony disability claims prosecutors say involved hundreds of workers.


While ringleaders got eight years in prison, three retirees and an office worker got probation.


Alevas' lawyer Robert del Grosso argued before Wood that his client's case was different than the others because he had an actual hearing loss that qualified him for a disability, so was entitled to the disability money he got. Alevas pleaded guilty only to embellishing his claim by lying about orthopedic problems.


Prosecutor Tatiana Martins argued Alevas shouldn't get away with submitting a form with several lies on it, including claims of a damaged disc and neck, and difficulty with sitting, standing, dressing, eating and reading.


The LIRR had threatened to seek removal of Alevas' separate railroad pension for "misconduct, dishonesty or theft," during employment. But the LIRR decided to settle for a 15% cut in Alevas' pension, or $5,000 a year for Alevas.



Source: Newsday

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