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Monday,  April 2, 2017

Unless you are baking bread or pastries, don't pre-heat the oven.  Simply turn it on when you put the dish in.  Also, when checking on your food, look through the oven window instead of opening the door to save energy.


Tuesday,  April 3, 2017

Water that generally contains less than 1,000 milligrams-per-liter of dissolved solids is considered 'fresh water'.


Wednesday,  April 4, 2017

Even when they aren't charging anything, plugged-in cell phone, laptop, and other chargers continue to draw electricity.  Approximately 8% of electric bills in the United States are generated this way.  The solution is to just unplug chargers when they are not being used, or plug them into a surge protector with a switch and simply flip the switch once your device has been fully charged.


Thursday,  April 5, 2017

Installing a skylight can provide your home with natural lighting and warmth.  When properly selected and installed, an energy-efficient skylight can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.


Friday,  April 6, 2017

Be sure the gas cap on your vehicle is tightened. Loose, missing, or damaged gas caps cause approximately 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate each year.  Additionally, you shouldn't top off your tank.  Gasoline added after the automatic nozzle clicks off only seeps out of your tank.


Saturday,  April 7, 2017

Pesticides and other synthetic chemicals have been found in dairy products.  While any residues detected have been rare and of low concentration, milk is of special concern because it is a staple of children's diets.  Organic dairies cannot feed their cows with grains grown with pesticides, nor can they use antibiotics or growth hormones like rGBH or rbST.  As such, it is much healthier to drink milk labeled as organic.


Sunday,  April 8, 2017

In the United States, 63 million newspapers are printed each day.  Recycling just the Sunday editions alone can save more than 500,000 trees each week.


 Remember to check back daily for other green ideas.


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