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Monday, October 15, 2018

Instead of using harsh whitening bleaches on your teeth, you can rub a lemon rind on your teeth to remove brown stains.  Rinse your mouth thoroughly afterward.


Tuesday,  October 16, 2018

If purchasing new electronic equipment, purchase Energy Star-compliant or EPEAT-compliant models.  Energy Star products consume up to 70% less energy than non-compliant models, and EPEAT products are energy-efficient and contain far less toxic materials.


Wednesday,  October 17, 2018

Some benefits of composting are that it helps keep organic wastes out of landfills, reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides, protects soil from erosion, assists pollution remediation, provides nutrients to the soil, and increases beneficial soil organisms such as worms and centipedes.


Thursday,  October 18, 2018

The Forest Stewardship Council promotes responsible management of the world's forests.  A label indicating a product is FSC-certified means an uninterested third party has verified that the item meets the FSC's standards.


Friday,  October 19, 2018

Prior to purchasing any new electronics, consider repairing or upgrading your current machines.  If this is not a possibility, consider purchasing used or refurbished equipment.  See for a variety of factory direct office equipment. 


Saturday,  October 20 2018

To make recycling economically feasible, in addition to setting out your recyclables at the curb, make an effort to purchase recycled products and packaging.  The more we purchase recycled products, the more economic incentive we create for recyclable materials to be collected, manufactured, and marketed as new products.    Additionally, purchasing products made from or packaged in recycled materials saves valuable resources for future generations.


Sunday,  October 21, 2018

To reduce the amount of organic waste being transported to landfills, compost yard trimmings, use a worm bin to convert nonfatty food wastes into potting soil (called vermi-compost), or use a mulching lawnmower and leave grass clippings on the lawn.


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