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Monday,  August 20, 2017

Check with your employer to see if some of your work can be done from home or, if you are a student, check with your college to see if an online class can replace one or more of your regular classes.  Telecommuting is a great way to save gas and time


Tuesday,  August 21, 2017

Using local plants instead of grass will help reduce the 30 million acres of grass which is the largest irrigated crop in the United States.


Wednesday,  August 22, 2017

On average, a shower uses almost half as much water as a bath.  Taking showers instead of baths will not only reduce water consumption, but the energy costs associated with heating the water.


Thursday,  August 23, 2017

If all answering machines which use a cassette tape were replaced with voice mail services, the annual energy savings would total nearly two billion killowatt-hours.


Friday,  August 24, 2017

Chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, alcohol, etc. often cause eye and respiratory system irritation.  Most stains and messes can be cleaned effectively with baking soda, borax, lemon juice, and club soda.  Using these products will save money, reduce packaging waste, and not damage your indoor air quality.


Saturday,  August 25, 2017

Aerosol air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds and chemicals that serve to make the air inside your home more polluted than the air outside.  A much better alternative to eliminate unpleasant odors is to open windows and/or light soy-based candles.


Sunday,  August 26, 2017

If you eat seafood, help protect fish stocks by purchasing sustainable seafood. Farmed fish typically contain higher levels of heavy metals and are considered a threat to endangered populations of wild fish species.  Additionally, farmed fish generate a tremendous amount of waste because they live in such close quarters.


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