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Manhattan Sports Bar Shuts Down Without Insurance

 Uptown Manhattan Sports Bar Shuts Down After WCB Discovers Lack of Insurance:



A two-year-old sports bar in uptown Manhattan has closed its doors for the second time after the Workers' Compensation Board discovered it didn't have insurance for its employees.


The board issued a $25,000 fine to Uptown Social, located in Washington Heights, and the bar closed down Aug. 15, according to a New York Daily News article.


The bar also closed temporarily in December 2013 after the establishment served drinks to minors working undercover for law enforcement. That incident led to a $5,000 fine against the pub.


That month, Uptown Social's workers' compensation insurance policy was also canceled, according to the article. The bar's owners failed to renew their policy or buy new coverage and didn't respond to four inquiry and penalty letters, even after re-opening in January.


Bruce Lynn, a spokesperson for Uptown Social, told the Daily News that the establishment was the first upscale sports bar in the area. Co-owner Yamil Martinez declined to say whether it would re-open.


The bar's Facebook page doesn't mention the incident, and its website is a mostly blank page with no content.

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