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Making A Difference

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Making A Difference

Dennis and Sheri Chase (The Chase Sensale Law Group, L.L.P., Smithtown, New York) embarked on this journey sincerely hoping to make a difference. Their success could not be possible without the help of their foundation with not only their hardworking staff of three, moreover, all of their dedicated volunteers, their performers, and their generous contributors and sponsors. They were raising funds for a new organization this year, The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc., . . . but the cause remains the same. For almost ten years, Dennis and Sheri Chase (through their homegrown charitable foundation, The DLWP Foundation, Inc.) have been raising funds to support breast cancer research. While exceeding the $250K threshold in funds previously raised, they are already planning next year’s event . . . as always, a good natured comedy roast of a fellow workers’ compensation practitioner. They were all fortunate to have their regular emcee and resident comedian/attorney, Mark Allen, assume the unenviable task of being this year’s honoree.

The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc., supports both new and established researchers investigating the causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. This research includes, but is not limited to, studies of the genetic, molecular, cellular, and environmental factors involved in the development and progression of breast cancer; application of the knowledge thus gained to educate medical professionals and increase public awareness for the prevention, detection, and treatment of breast cancer; and studies of the outcomes of breast cancer detection and treatment on the patient, their families and society. Visit them on the web at to donate to such a worthwhile cause or just to view photographs from their recent events and marvel at the celebrity talents lending their support to such a worthwhile cause.

As is always clearly disclosed, comedy is hard work; so the members of the dais should be overwhelmingly congratulated for the success of this year’s event. Moreover, the incredibly generous support, their perennial sponsor Enright Court Reporting, Inc. ( again, made the evening an overwhelming success. The annual event, recognized by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; Suffolk County Executive, Steve Levy; Nassau County Executives Edward Mangano and Tom Suozzi; the Town of Hempstead; the Town of Islip; the New York State Senate and Assembly; the Nassau County Bar Association; the Women’s Bar Association; and distinguished members of the Judiciary, has raised the funds in memory of Kathy Pizza, the wife of a colleague losing her courageous battle with breast cancer nearly eleven years ago. Having both been profoundly deeply and personally affected by the dreaded disease, Dennis and Sheri dedicate themselves, with tremendous support from their staff (who are family and friends) to helping find a cure for this disease affecting each and every one of us.

Dennis and Sheri also thank the Suffolk County Bar Association, and their dedicated members for helping make a genuine difference. Without the loving support of kind and loyal friends, this endeavor might have only lasted but a year. A very special thanks is in order to Sarah Jane LaCova, Executive Director, as well as current and Past-Presidents of the SCBA, for their continued support and encouragement. Sheri and Dennis hope you’ll support finding a cure by attending the Tenth Anniversary DLWP (Dinner, Libations Without Pomposity) Dinner next year . . . stay tuned for details.

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