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Judge Accused of WC Fraud

 Judge Takes Leave amid Grand Jury Charges of Workers' Comp Fraud:



A village judge in Seneca County, New York, is taking a leave of absence after a grand jury accused him of lying about being attacked to receive workers' compensation benefits.


Roger Barto pleaded not guilty Monday to the five felony and four misdemeanor charges from the jury, according to a Tuesday article on Time Warner Cable News' Central New York website.


The charges include falsifying a work injury report, falsely reporting that he was attacked and fraudulently receiving workers' compensation benefits.


Barto called the police on Aug. 31, 2013, to report that he had been strangled and hit on the head with a toilet tank lid as he was leaving Waterloo Village Court. He had just held an arraignment, the article said.


The indictment also accuses Barto of stealing gasoline from a local cemetery at which he acts as a sexton. He is scheduled to appear for a conference with a judge and the county's district attorney on Aug. 11, according to the article. The charges could mean up to seven years in state prison.


The grand jury indictment is here.


Source: Time Warner Cable News

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