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Emergency Rule On Assessments Extended

WCB Extends Emergency Rule on Assessments Again:


For the second time this year, the state Workers’ Compensation Board has extended for 90 days an emergency rule that allows it to streamline the way it collects administrative fees and special fund assessments.


A provision in the Business Relief Act that was part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2013-2014 budget required the board to switch from a complex system of collecting assessments from insurers to a more straightforward program of billing employers directly.


The board’s original Oct. 17, 2013, order acknowledged that the transition period could take some time. The latest extension, which began April 15, continued a previous extension, which began Jan. 17.


During the transition period, most employers will pay their assessments to their insurers, who pass them to the WCB. Employers that self-insure individually pay their assessments directly to the board.


The assessments cover the administrative costs of running the board, as well as claims from the state Special Disability Fund and the Reopened Case Fund.


The Business Relief Act requires the board to set a statewide assessment by Nov. 1 each year to cover the following year.

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