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Did Tina Fey Pay

 WCB Seeks $79,000 Judgment against Tina Fey; She Denies Charge:



The state Workers’ Compensation Board is seeking a $79,000 judgment against Actress Tina Fey for her alleged failure to buy workers’ compensation insurance for more than a year, but the "30Rock" star has insisted she’s up to date on her payments, according to a report by the New York Daily News.


A lawsuit filed March 20 in the state Supreme Court in Manhattan charges that Fey did not obtain the required insurance for her staff from Nov. 20, 2012, through Feb. 2 of this year.


The address listed in the court documents as the site where Fey’s employees worked matches the address of her production firm, Little Stranger Inc.


The WCB sent the bill to 125 W. 55 St. An aide to Fey said that is an old address for Fey’s accountant, who moved from those offices almost six years ago.


Fey’s spokeswoman Cara Tripicchio told the New York Daily News that Fey "has proper and current insurance covering all employees, and at no time has workers’ compensation payment lapsed."


Tripicchio went on to say: "The confusion seems to be a result of a clerical error" by the WCB. She said state officials could have avoided this "unnecessary situation" if they had just requested "verification of paperwork, that does exist and is readily available" to prove Fey has a current insurance policy on her employees.


Source: New York Daily News

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