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Chase Sensale is dedicated to serving the needs of the injured and disabled. Concentrating their practice in the areas of workers’ compensation, social security disability, long term disability, short term disability, disability retirement, accidental death and dismemberment, and unemployment insurance benefits, Chase Sensale’s team of experienced professionals is always there for you. Every client is treated with the respect they deserve. Chase Sensale’s network of experienced attorneys can and will address all of your legal concerns.

Why Have a New York Constitutional Convention?

Why have a New York Constitutional Convention? Joe answers that question and explains how it can affect the workers compensation statute in New York....

Discussion of Proposed “Schedule Loss of Use” Guidelines

Joe discusses the proposed workers’ compensation impairment guidelines to determine schedule loss of use; these new guidelines will effectively...

“Ask The Expert” – Joseph F. Sensale, Esq.

Steve Sleeper, recognized radio personality, interviewed our very own Joe Sensale with respect to workers' compensation in New York state. To hear the...

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