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Kristy M.

Kristy M.

Social Security Analyst
Client Satisfaction Specialist



Kristy is an innovative thinker who achieved a degree in English Language and Literature whilst attending State University of New York at Old Westbury.  While matriculating at Old Westbury, Kristy dedicated her spare time to the school, involving herself in student government, the poetry club, and the school newspaper.  As if these extra-curricular activities didn’t keep Kristy busy enough, she effectively managed to juggle such other equally demanding endeavors as peer to peer mentoring, tutoring the less fortunate, and maintaining a full time job.  Kristy possesses an incomparable passion for artistic expression including creative writing, painting landscapes, and the culinary arts.  She is an extremely compassionate people-person and is proud to employ her multifaceted skills to assist the clients of Chase Sensale in fighting for what they truly deserve. 



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