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Alyssa A.

Alyssa A.

Social Security Analyst
Unemployment Specialist


Alyssa graduated high school third in her class; four years later, she graduated Union College magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology.  The following year, she graduated from the Graduate College of Union University with a Masters in Business Administration.  Immediately thereafter, she began her professional career in real estate management.  After several years in the fast paced world of real estate, she happily joined the Chase Sensale team where she takes pride in not only assisting our clients, but coordinating Chase Sensale’s marketing endeavors, as well.  She sincerely enjoys working with the insightful, motivated, and conscientious staff members that make Chase Sensale a profoundly innovative leader in a highly competitive domain while revolutionizing their practice in their efforts to remain forever green.

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