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Laura G.

Laura G.

Client Satisfaction Specialist
Latino Liaison


Immediately apparent is Laura’s love and dedication to education.  Currently completing a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Politics, Economics & Law at State University of New York The College At Old Westbury, Laura already successfully met the demanding challenges faced while working to achieve her Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice at Suffolk County Community College.  Laura also is quite proud of her extensive  experience in quality assurance and leadership skills acquired with her extensive experience in the retail industry.  If that were not enough, Laura’s experience in the medical field enables her to adeptly excel in all areas of an injured worker’s care.  Laura maintains a steadfast commitment to achieving a law degree and is well suited for the laborious task.  There is very little doubt Laura enjoys helping people to the fullest extent possible and firmly believes  the key to success is hard work, determination,  and perseverance.  Motivation is nary a problem for Laura as her penultimate goal is to always continue moving successfully forward.  Laura is extremely happy to be working with The Chase Sensale Law Group, and looks forward to providing our clients with unsurpassed customer satisfaction.



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