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Jackie K.

Jackie K.

Principal Information Technology Coordinator
WCL §32 & SLU Analyst


While Jackie is often quick to downplay her considerable and far superior technological skills, she is, and always will be, the amazing computer guru upon whom The Firm completely relies. While many of her technical skills are self taught, Jackie achieved her Associates Degree in Computer Networking Analysis from Briarcliff College. Jackie truly excelled, however, while attending Dowling College earning a well deserved Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. Following in the proud tradition of all Chase Sensale family members, Jackie not only shares our love of animals, moreover, she takes this love one step further with her own, privately funded and extremely successful, kitten rescue project. While fairly new to the Chase Sensale family, Jackie arrived with nearly a decade of experience in the field of workers’ compensation and social security disability benefits. 


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